World Wide Marriage Conference Calls

The number that anyone can call into from anywhere is

The participant code is 544475

Call Information:

Monday nights: No Call

Tuesday nights: 9 pm – with hosts Joel and Kathy Davisson

Wednesdays – No call

Thursday nights: 10 pm – with hosts Joel and Kathy Davisson

Fridays – No call – Date Night!

Saturday nights: 10pm – with hosts Joel and Kathy Davisson

Sunday nights: 9pm – with hosts Brian and Charlotte


When you call, you might have to hit *6 to speak as we often mute everyone because of background noise. You will hear a conversation going on when you call in – listen, learn and you may ask for help when there is an opening to say “Hi”.

You can freely access the calls. We encourage you to support the ministry by purchasing a product each month or giving $10 or more per month. To give $10 per month ongoing simply use this link if you like paypal: