A Home Visit Testimony with Joel and Kathy!

A Home Visit Testimony with Joel and Kathy!

It was wonderful to have Joel and Kathy in our home this past August after going to the June intensive. They were a lot of fun to be around and we really enjoyed their company. They were also able to get a better perspective on our marriage by seeing different struggles in our home life and in our unique situations of our daily life.

The example of a good marriage being played out in our home in front of our eyes was encouraging. We saw Joel and Kathy display togetherness which?is something that is currently a struggle in our marriage. I, (Macy), remember saying to Kathy how free she seemed to be when with Joel and how they truly worked together. I told her I want to be like that with Leon.

There were times when we needed help and in the midst of a situation, they were there to walk us through the process. They walked us through feelings and frustrations. I, (Macy), remember coming into the room needing help and feeling frozen and not knowing what to do or say at the moment. It was amazing to have the support of Joel and Kathy there to show us how to respond as initiator/responder and to have a safety net during a tense and touchy time.

The humor and lightheartedness they brought also to the table during those times helped to bridge a gap and move us forward. The kids also remember them being in our home. I still hear our six-year-old talk about their visit here and how they came to the amusement park with us.

They were also there when a devastating phone call came to our home involving our daughter.? Joel helped to coach Leon with how to comfort me (Macy)and Kathy was a great source of strength to me.

We are grateful for this ministry and how the Lord led us to them. We are learning and growing through this restoration and healing process. Their consistency and faithfulness to us as a couple has been such an answer to prayer. We are praying that this time next year we will have a testimony of healing and wholeness.

Leon and Macy