Extramarital Affair

  • Extramarital Affair

    Extramarital Affair My wife, Kathy, and I would like to let you know that if you have had an extramarital affair in your marriage, it is not too late. While this is the cause for many divorces in our country, it doesn’t have to be in your case. Back in 1991, we were experiencing many problems in our marriage, (most of them were my fault!) and I eventually fell into adultery. I thought things were over at that point, but a man named Paul Hegstrom was able to talk some sense into me during a one week long Life Skills International facilitators training retreat.

    We then began a multi-year journey of learning and loving that resulted in us entering into what we refer to as an Outrageously Happy Marriage! You can save your marriage, using the same new marriage paradigms that we learned over the years and now teach in our books, on our DVD’s, in seminars and at our Weekend Marriage Intensives!

    We have worked with countless people who have had problems in their marriage and were almost ready to call it quits. Many of them have had an extramarital affair in the equation and were having a difficult time getting the marriage back on track. One couple we worked with is Randy and Patty. Both of them had committed adultery at one point in their marriage. Randy went first, unbeknownst to Patty! Years later, when she had an affair, he crucified her, making her to be the bad guy and causing her to be ostracized from friends, family and church. Later, when Randy admitted his earlier affair, she shut down completely. The marriage was over as far as she was concerned. Randy was desperate. He destroyed his marriage and wanted a miracle. The problem was that he wanted to blame Patty for her adultery and in reality, he was still blaming HER for HIS affair!

    Randy realized finally, with our help, that if he had been treating Patty correctly, she would not have ever ended up in a marital affair. One of the most popular chapters in our second book explains in depth why a Christian wife gets into adultery. It is revolutionary and very scriptural.

    This is one of the many important concepts that Kathy and I have included in our two books: The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! and Book 2: Livin’ it and Lovin’ it!.

    If you are having trouble with marital affairs, or some other problem has occurred in your marriage that is putting a strain on your relationship, these two books will be a miracle in your marriage! You have been looking for one; here it is! Once you begin to read through them, we welcome you to join in the discussions on our forums, and you are also entitled to a free call on our nationwide marriage mentoring phone calls to discuss how things are coming along. We want your marriage to be outrageously happy!