Help A Marriage

Help A Marriage

Help A Marriage Guess what? Our marriage was a total disaster for ten years! Then, God gave us a miracle beginning in 1994. We entered into a healing that resulted in us living an outrageously happy marriage! Ten years later, in 2004, God led us to write a book titled “The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!” and is designed to dramatically save, transform and change a marriage; not just help a marriage. We want to see your marriage TRANSFORMED into an Outrageously HAPPY Marriage!

We know what it is like to be in a marriage that is falling apart, and to make matters worse, we were both in ministry at the time. In fact, things were once so bad that I (Joel) wrote out a detailed letter wife informing Kathy that we would get a divorce and how she should take care of issues with the church – while I tramped off with the woman who I had been in an affair with! Thank God that we did not get divorced though! We are enjoying this Outrageously Happy Marriage and in ministry together today. Oh, our marriage is not the same though. Our marriage was RADICALLY changed, beginning in 1994.

Having learned so much, we now know how to
help a marriage – to help YOUR marriage! Whether you are just having moderate problems, or your marriage is on the brink of falling apart, the help is here. We offer many mediums by which you may receive help, such as marriage counseling type group phone calls, marriage forums, and even Weekend Marriage Intensives! The first place to start though is with our two books: The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! and Book 2: Livin’ It And Lovin’ It! Many couples see their marriage restored simply by reading them!

Whether you are a man who has been disrespectful and hurtful towards your wife, or a woman who has had a husband treat her in this way, we have designed our books to give help for a marriage but not just any marriage. YOUR marriage!

We are Joel and Kathy Davisson. The goal of our ministry is to teach you that no matter what your marriage has been through, adultery, pornography, manipulation and control, even physical abuse; it can be healed through faith in God, proper knowledge and a willingness to change. (No, we do not teach that a wife only is to submit to and respect her husband. We teach MUTUAL submission, MUTUAL respect and team leadership. And guess what? A husband has to submit, honor and respect FIRST if he wants this back from his wife!

We are here for you if you need someone to talk to as well. We offer marriage counseling type nationwide phone calls as well as a marriage forum where you can join in discussions with others who may be experiencing the same pain as you are. Because God healed our marriage, we know how to help a marriage, no matter what the issues are. We are not just about keeping you married, it’s about transforming your marriage into the amazing and happy experience that God intended it to be – an Outrageously Happy Marriage!