Marriage Issues

Marriage Issues

Marriage Issues Weekend Marriage Intensive? Weekend Marriage retreat? What is that? A Weekend Marriage Intensive is a weekend that addresses and helps couples solve and recover from the worst of dysfunctional marriage issues. This weekend marriage retreat is life changing and POWERFUL! We are Joel and Kathy Davisson, co-author of The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! and Book 2: Livin’ it and Lovin’ it! We wrote these books because we found the answers! We discovered how to have an outrageously happy marriage! – even though the first 10 years were like marriage hell!

While most people find that simply reading our books is enough to save their marriage, others need the face to face experience of attending one of our Weekend Marriage Intensives. These weekends are much more than regular Weekend Marriage Retreats.

We are Joel and Kathy Davisson. So many couples have resolved their marriage issues from attending our weekend seminars that we have included over 300 of their testimonies on this website. Everyone who attends one of these intensives come back feeling like new people, truly having a born again marriage. Men return, and actually listen to their wives! They take more time out of their days to spend with their wives, and are more sensitive to her needs. Many women report that it is almost like being married to a different husband!

Though there are so many different problems in marriages, most problems emanate from the same basic
marriage issue. Are you ready for this? This is indeed rocket science! The one common denominator in almost every bad marriage is simply this: men not listening to their wives! From this root grows almost every other marriage problem! To top it off, the Christian church world, which we are a part of, teaches couples that the WIFE must listen to and obey the HUSBAND! No wonder the church world, which should have NO DIVORCES, has a 50% divorce rate, just like the “non-church” community.

Through these powerful Weekend Marriage Seminars, we instruct couples on how to work together, as a team, and mutually submit to each other. Being able to share this experience with 6 other couples during the intensive is a wonderful experience. It is not uncommon for 7 unhappy couples to arrive at each intensive and depart outrageously happy – or at least on the road to Outrageously Happy!

At our conferences, we concentrate on Christian marriage issues. Yes, we are Pastors at a local church. We have seen hundreds of couples end up with healed relationships, going from “on the verge of divorce” to “feeling like newlyweds” or even better. To learn more about our Weekend Intensives, please go to the Itinerary page. To order the books or other products, click on “Order Now.”