Elizabeth shares: I can truly say he was a changed man

“As you may remember, it took us 44 years to get the right help. We were in the October 2014 Intensive. I am so grateful and thankful to God for the Intensive and it was intense!!! I was always shocked Dave sat through it. God’s timing is everything. A few weeks before Dave was killed on his Harley, our (weekly) date was in Myrtle Beach. We went to ride the Skywheel (Ferris Wheel) over the ocean. I am so glad I said ‘yes’ to that. It was a lovely day -beautiful weather. I can truly say he was a changed man.

The day before he went for his last ride, while we were having breakfast, he asked if he traded in his bike and got a trike, would I ride with him? I said yes. We had discussed our Christmas plans and our 50th wedding anniversary 8 months away. (Previous to this, two years after the intensive, he had asked me to renew our vows on our 46th anniversary. We did that at our church with family in attendance!)

Elizabeth sent us some comments from people who knew her and Dave. She said “If it weren’t for the intensive, people would not be saying his love for his wife was obvious.

One lady said she ‘liked to sit in her car and wait and watch us go into church first, that we were so cute.’

Another lady from the dog club told me that her last memory of Dave was his coming into the training session and walking over to me and kissing me on the head. She said ‘it was so affectionate. It touched her and then 3 days later, he went to heaven.’

Elizabeth’s friend Cathey said of Dave: His thoughtfulness and love for Liz was obvious to all.

Marny, another friend from the dog training club said: It was a beautiful thing to see him watch Liz and hear his encouraging words to Liz as she trained her dog Segan.

The teacher from their computer class wrote to Elizabeth: “I always admired not only how much you two loved each other, but also how much in love you both were. Giggling in class like high school lovebirds. It was so sweet to see.”
Finally from Elizabeth’s physical therapist. Elizabeth noted “Dave came with me for every session.” The therapist wrote: “Your marriage was such a testimony of God’s design for marriage.” Much more was written. None of it would have been possible had Dave and Elizabeth not made the decision to attend the 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive