Marriage Intensive- December 8-12th, 2021

December 8, 2021 - December 12, 2021
All Day

Hampton Inn & Suites Palm Coast


Weekend Marriage Intensives are designed for marriages in crisis. We create an accelerated process over five days that gets to the core of your marriage issues quickly.  The most hopeless issues are turned around and divorces are often canceled. Couples who have literally hated each other have received astounding miracles of heart transformation at their Weekend Marriage Intensive. We are thrilled that couples are saved from divorce, HOWEVER

Our goal is for you to experience the HAPPINESS and JOY that God planned for you when he created the concept of marriage!  Marriage is NOT supposed to be a test of endurance. Marriage is God’s #1 means of giving us a taste of heaven on earth when it is done right!  Very few of us are born with relationship skills that create a happy and healthy marriage.  These skills are learned and most of the time through our parents.  Sadly, most of us grew up seeing dysfunctional marriages from our parents.

The great news is that the skills needed to have an amazing marriage can be taught, and you can learn them.  We spend the time to show you, what a happy biblical marriage looks like.  You learn the skills, knowledge, and attitude to create a healthy marriage in your home.  And most importantly, how to be aware of any obstacles that may block your marriage goals.

We are NOT satisfied if you simply stay together as a result of this Weekend; that is NOT our goal!

If you DECIDE that you WILL NOT be satisfied until you are experiencing the happiest marriage that you know of, then we will stick with you through these easy-to-access follow-up opportunities until you are experiencing an OUTRAGEOUSLY HAPPY Marriage!

If this weekend and the follow-up do not work for you then NOTHING will. This is the Fork in the Road. If you have tried EVERYTHING else and nothing has worked this will work for you. If it doesn’t at least you will know that you did everything possible.

Meet Joel and Kathy

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The Hampton Inn – Palm Coast, Florida