I don’t have to carry the weight of my past.

Dear Joel and Kathy,

During our Intensive, I learned that I don’t have to carry the weight of my past. We figured out my wife was miserable mainly because of my horrible attitude. She wanted me to “smile,” but I couldn’t. I felt obligated to “deal with the issues in my past.” I would stress over our future and refuse to relax and enjoy the present. I felt overwhelmed with any new details or problems. All she wanted was a “smile” and I could not make myself do it.

Fifteen minutes into our private session, Kathy gave me permission to let it all go. I never saw it as an option. Joel told me about the effects of Alzheimer’s and how people just forget things. So, I just decided to forget. Smiling is not hard. Forgetting and letting go was, but I CAN do this.

Thank you,

Forrest Gump (of Forrest Gump and Sunshine. Note: Forrest Gump was formerly “Grimstone” on the forum)