J&K’s books contained the last of the puzzle pieces

Dear Joel and Kathy,

We’ll be married 30 years on December 18. Unfortunately 27 of those years were spent in endurance mode with a contstant evil-for-evil relationship. Our daughter – Unreasonably Happy Wife – shares how it was so difficult that she was eager to leave home.

Three years ago we were introduced to Caring for the Heart Ministries by John Regier, we attended a seminar, received counseling in prayer giving Jesus all the bitterness, pain, moral failure, spiritual and emotional issues etc. and started the journey of marriage God’s way. Things changed overnight, our children, our parents and our church noticed right away.

A year ago we found J&K’s books and they contained the last of the puzzle pieces – the next step in how to be exceptionally happy – they put the icing on the cake so to speak.

Along with our daughter and son-in-law we started the ministry of Connecting Relationships giving workshops to share with couples that they can be connected and God has a plan, it’s found in connecting with Him and confessing any sin in your life, caring for your spouse’s heart and applying Eph 5:25 every day.

J&K have been incredibly supportive of us and our ministry always willing to answer questions, Joel talked to our son when we were “too close” to help, and they even let us host their conference call on November 1.

This message has changed three marriages that are very important to us – ours, our daughter and son-in-law (Unreasonably Happy Testimony) and our son and daughter-in-law (their testimony is in a past J&K newsletter). J&K’s books and resources change lives when you apply the Biblical teachings of Eph 5!
~Judy~ Happy wife to Tom who lives Eph 5:25 daily! Blessed mom of 4 grandma of 2
Married 30 years-exceptionally happy since 2004
We offer Marriage Mentoring & workshops (100% J&K’s way)~