Marriage intensive with Joel and Kathy was just that, intense!

The marriage intensive with Joel and Kathy was just that, intense!? My wife told me she was DONE with our marriage of 6 years,?3 months before going to this intensive. My wife was very skeptical on going to the intensive, but after talking with Kathy over the phone on one of the group calls?she went anyway. I personally did not know what to expect. After going through this intensive I really learned a lot, not just about my marriage but about myself. The best way I can explain it is like this…I was not given a manual on how to be the husband I need to be for my wife, and at some points in the program?it was hard to hear the truth. What this intensive did for me was a lot of things, but most importantly I learned where this “marriage manual” was, my wife had it (in her heart!) the whole time.


A week after the intensive my wife and I are doing great!! That doesn’t mean that everything just turned perfect over night (lets get real). But what I can say is that I now have the knowledge on how to handle little issues so they don’t become bigger ones. I know how to better?deal with myself and how to listen to my wife’s heart when things come up. I can really see a transformation in my marriage that was on the verge of divorce just 3 months ago. We both have new hope, the tools and knowledge we need to make?our marriage incredibly?happy, and for it to be better then it ever was. I want to say Thank You to Joel and Kathy for being some of the most?real and transparent people I have ever meet, and they truly care about you and your marriage!


-Bob (and Shameika) Armstrong