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Do you sometimes just need someone to talk to? When we were going through our worst times, Kathy’s heart cry was to have a “voice” on the other end of the phone to get an encouraging or directive word from.

We offer one completely free phone call to you – call and get some help! Later, if you would like to call in regularly, all that we ask is for you to make an offering of any amount each thirty days, OR sign up below to give $10 per month on an automatic basis OR purchase a product of any amount in a thirty day period.

Then you can call in each month, as often as you would like! Note that those who offer help on our online forum and group marriage mentoring calls are not licensed counselors, therapists, attorneys or doctors. They do not offer legal or medical advice rather we encourage you to seek professional help for legal and medical matters. We encourage the use of existing programs for addiction to drugs or alcohol.

The couples who offer help are people who had bad marriages – and now their marriages are good, healed and happy marriages! They have healed marriages through applying the principles they learned from Joel and Kathy. They can now offer help to you based on the things that have put them on the path to their own outrageously happy marriage!

The number that anyone can call into from anywhere is
This is the USA number. You will see the list below of numbers for other countries so they can dial a number inside of their country.

The participant code is 544475



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