Men’s Call with Joel Davisson

If you want private help as a husband who needs intense personal input to work toward winning a wife’s heart back, then join the men’s calls. This is for men who may be separated or divorced or need that extra coaching to become the Man of Her dreams. We offer THREE men’s calls each week, specifically hosted by Joel.

Call Information:

Men’s only call with Joel

Tuesday evenings: 8 pm Eastern time
Thursday evenings: 8 pm Eastern time
Saturday evenings: 10:10 pm Eastern time

This call requires a $295 per month minimum offering to participate in.

To register, call Joel at 386-986-6859 or use the link below.

The phone number to dial is 857-232-0476 Pin 376099.

Note: You are also able to dial in to listen in on the couple’s calls. That passcode is 544475.

You only pay one monthly payment of $295 but you can still listen in on the couple’s calls for further learning.

* For couples, we do offer one week of free couple’s calls to listen in and experience what the calls are like. Couples can even speak up and get help in that first week at no cost.

If you are a man by yourself and you need to win your wife’s heart back, then yes, you also could dial into the couple’s call for one week at no cost to listen.

The couples call though is not a place for you to speak up and get advice.

Please note that we do not offer 1 free week on the men’s calls as they are very specific to your situation of working to win your wife’s heart back.

God Save My Marriage Men MinistryWe found very fast that when a man contacts us and we allow him to participate for free, we attract men who have bad attitudes. They had no legitimate interest in learning where they went wrong. how they messed their marriage up and what they need to do to win their wife’s heart back. They basically want to find a place to convince even more people about how bad their wife is. We are not interested in that.

When you pay $295 per month, you are putting your money where your mouth is and helping to crucify that bottom line issue of selfishness that your wife told you about for many years.

On the men’s calls, you will be able to express frustration and the like, as you are a human being and you do have feelings… but you will do it in the context of us knowing that you are actually here because you legitimately want help.

We have been helping men win their wife’s heart back since 2005.

We know what works and we know what does not work.

Recently, we came across someone who claimed to help men to win their wife’s heart back for a small fee of only $7000 for 6 weeks of private help. That is ridiculous.

Winning your wife’s heart back is not a 6-week process.

It took a long time to break your wife. It will take time to win her heart back.

If it took 15 years to break your wife, you are not going to fix 15 years of woundedness and hurt and brokenness in 6 weeks.

It won’t take 15 years but it certainly won’t be 6 weeks.

We will start the process immediately.

Some of our men have gotten quick results but others take a long time. There are simply a lot of variables in each situation.

How badly did you mess up your marriage? That obviously has a lot to do with how long it takes to win your wife’s heart back!

Please be smart. Don’t let a slick advertisement lead to a slick free phone call leading to a $7000 purchase for 6 weeks of hype and promises get you.

By the way, on our men’s calls, you do not exclusively only hear from me. (Joel). You also will hear at times from Kathy on the men’s call. That is priceless.

The advertisement from the man who offered 6 weeks for $7000 did not even mention if he personally was married. Be smart. This is a real story.

$295 per month is nothing. It is less than the price of one good hour of marriage counseling.

You will have 3 calls per week averaging 90 minutes per call for men. You will be able to personally speak up on every call to give updates and get specific personal advice on winning your wife’s heart back.

You also will be able to eavesdrop on up to 8 hours per week of couple’s calls, preparing you for a future when you and your wife are back together.

Give me a call. We will talk your situation over at no cost to get a little understanding of your situation and to confirm that I believe we can help you.

Let’s do this!

Joel. 386-986-6859



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