Women’s only call with Kathy

Call Information:

Wednesday Afternoon: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST

Kathy conducts a woman’s call once each week.

This is for women whose husbands are working with the recovery and a wife wants help understanding “her part”.This is not for women who are frustrated with their husband that day.

This is a call for women whose husbands are working on changing and becoming great husbands and the wives are wondering how to respond. Perhaps fighting against their own temperament weaknesses and want help in overcoming them so that they are aiding in the healing of the marriage.


Joel and Kathy

To register, call Kathy at 386-206-3128 or call Marsha at 386-547-5729.

The call is $25 per month for four calls per month. If you do not yet give at least $25 per month to the ministry, then simply call Marsha to register for the woman’s call at 386-547-5729 or 386-492-7341

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