Praise God! Divorce was not God’s plan for our lives!

Dear Joel and Kathy,

This book has changed my life! Before reading it I felt like my 12 year marriage to Amy was at a dead end; there was no place to turn for help.

I believed that Amy was to blame for all of our marital problems. I would often remind her of her faults. She seemed almost lifeless. I felt that that Amy was always nagging and complaining. No matter how many times I tried to correct her of this, it only made the situation worse. Amy would mention divorce on a regular basis saying that she wished she had never married me. She would often lose her temper and would sometimes throw things at me in disgust. Our situation appeared hopeless.

I had done everything I knew to change Amy! I would pray for hours at a time and wonder why God would never change her! Nothing that I said or did made a difference. I could argue for hours as to why I was such a good husband and was not to blame for any of our problems. I left the marriage for another woman. Amy and I each had an attorney in whom we trusted to take care of the details. That would be the end of it.

Praise God! Divorce was not God’s plan for our lives! I thank God for “The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!” Without it I would have missed out on the best years of my life and caused much harm to Amy and our children. How could I ever have been so deceived?

Amy read The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! first. When she told me how much the book meant to her I insisted that it must be one sided. If Amy agreed with it then it must be wrong! Amy told me that it spoke to both men and women and I wanted to find the things that spoke to the women! I began to read the book!

After reading the first few chapters I was irate. I looked forward to calling the authors in the morning to tell them how wrong they were about marriage relationships! I was not to blame! Amy was the problem! As I continued reading, the Holy Spirit moved in my heart and the scales fell from my eyes. I began to see that Amy was the woman of my dreams! Ninety pages later I fully realized that Joel and Kathy Davisson couldnt have been more correct regarding husbands and wives.

“The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!” began to change my life. I could hardly believe that I had been blind to so many things that were now crystal clear concerning the problems in our marriage. I confessed to Amy that it was I who had been wrong all along. Before those scales were removed I truly had no idea that it was I who had the problems! I had been sincere but wrong!

As I applied the principles in Joel and Kathys book our relationship immediately changed for the better. I have gotten my act together; Amy’s problems have magically disappeared! I never would have believed this to be possible until I experienced it myself.

Amy and I feel like young teenagers in love again!
Every aspect of our life is full of hope and excitement! I praise God for the forgiveness and patience that Amy has extended to me and for the life that we now have together.

Thank you Joel and Kathy from the bottom of my heart for showing me how to be “The Man of Her Dreams”. Amy surely is “The Woman of Mine!” If not for your book I would have missed out on all of the beautiful years that God has in store for my future as a husband to Amy. My three precious children would have missed out on having me as resident “daddy” and I would have missed out on being resident “daddy” to them. How blessed we as a family are.

May God bless you both,

Tulsa Oklahoma


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