Praising God !

Our marriage has continued to improve over the past 3 1/2 weeks. This is the longest things have gone without Paul creating some type of crisis. Up until this point his record was a week of good behavior. We believe that our miracle is finally here and that we are being restored. Paul assures me that at this point there is no turning back for him. Our children Brent (2) and Charity (5) were so happy today. There was pure joy on their faces as we spent the day together as a family. Paul and I were cuddling on the couch this morning and our daughter commented that “Daddy finally learned to be nice” with a big smile. Both of our children have been starting to thrive these past few weeks. Our son looks forward to his father coming home every night and has started looking forward to the times when we all play together as a family. This is something that we never really did before because Paul was always busy working, playing video games, or watching television. Our daughters teacher told us on Monday that Charity is finally coming out of her shell at school and that she is impressed with how confident she has become in such a short amount of time. The teacher had been very concerned less than 1 month ago at our parent teacher conference. The two times that we were separated we tried to explain the situation to her by saying that Daddy was living somewhere else “taking a time out and learning to be nice”. So I guess that in her mind he has finally arrived.

We went to Paul’s mothers house for Thanksgiving and they were also overjoyed that we seemed to be getting along so well. They really did not believe my reports of Paul finally getting on track until they saw it with their own eyes. They have never witnessed Paul be so helpful with the children or attentive to me before. Usually he would hide out with his step-dad and brothers while I chased the children around by myself. Today he played with them more than I did. When cheerleaders flashed on the screen during the football game, Paul turned away from the television and whispered to me that I was the only woman that he wanted to look at. His mother even thanked me for “hanging in there” and not giving up on him.

It is truly an act of God that our children are living in a peaceful intact home today. We know that the Lord led us to your books. He used your testimony and the testimony of others restored after taking hold of your new marriage paradigms to give us hope. We are praising God that your family has showed such strength and that you have continued to battle for marriages through this tough season of your lives. We fully expected you to cancel our intensive at the end of September and when you didn’t that really spoke to us both. We would just like to say thank you that we were able to enjoy a wonderful holiday with our children today because of your strong faith, sacrifice, and willingness to live out the Christian life for real. This Thanksgiving together would not have been possible without us finding your ministry. We are truly blessed to have benefited from your wisdom, faith and perseverance and for that we are very, very thankful.

Kim and Paul