Sharing A Breakthrough!

I’m going to be very transparent and share a breakthrough we had today. Lately there has been so much going on that ML seem to be few and far between and when we did ML my husbands needs always seemed to be met and not mine. Well for some thats no big deal and if I wanted to I could be satisfied with that for awhile. Well lately its been bothering me, I guess because my husband would start out making it about me and then turn it about him.

For those that have husbands working the program its hard to bring up stuff, I personally don’t want to discourage my husband. Well my courage took over and I had to share my heart with my husband concerning this area. At first he was thinking and defending that as long as we ML then I would be happy. I had to explain to him that I have needs as well, if he wanted me to enjoy these times which I wasn’t then he had to learn to meet my needs and in turn I will respond and his needs will be met in return.

Well today he purposely set out to do just that and praise God we are both satisfied and feel so refreshed. Its amazing the tension that flies off when my husband hears my heart and meets my needs. I was scared to complain as it seemed but he can’t read my mind and I can’t stuff it down.

I’m speechless of how awesome God is, to give us the answers to have an OHM and see the fruits of His word in our marriage.

J&K are awesome, I couldn’t imagine my life the way it is now with a husband that is truly committed to having an OHM if it wasn’t for this ministry.

Psalm 34:8 (New International Version)
8 Taste and see that the LORD is good;
Celia of Celia and Tito

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