Sincere thanks and gratitude !

Dear Joel & Kathy,

This is just a quick note of sincere thanks and gratitude for allowing Susan & I to be a part of your marriage intensive weekend. What a wonderful way to bring in the New Year.

We both felt the hand of God was in the entire weekend.

As you know, I have read your books and feel that you are right on the money about the common misconceptions most men have (especially in the Christian Church) regarding what the Bible says about the marriage relationship.

The weekend with you and Kathy and the other couples brought me to an even further understanding of the importance men play as the source of life (or death) for a marriage.

Its a major responsibility we men have to make sure that our wives and families are able to draw positive and nurturing love and kindness from us.

The only way for me to truly be the husband that my wife needs me to be is to die to myself, and my innate selfishness as Christ died for all of mankind. What an awesome truth from the word of God.

Im excited to see Susan blossom once again as the beautiful self-confident woman she once was, the woman that I fell in love with and married 28 years ago. Already the change in her is obvious.

We will continue to work through our past issues that I have caused, and continue to see Gods hands work to bring full restoration to our marriage.

Blessings to both of you…