A-91 One Year Marriage Rocket Launch

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A-91 One Year Marriage Rocket Launch

A-91 One Year Marriage Rocket  Launch
A-91 One Year Marriage Rocket  Launch

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A-91 One Year Marriage Rocket Launch

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Can't get to the next 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive? Launch to outrageously happy the fastest way possible with our most comprehensive One Year Marriage Rocket Launch! Your Rocket Launch includes our most requested materials at a 40% Discount, a 50% discount on a future 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive, A full year of Group Marriage help PLUS never offered before: 20 hours of private counseling time on the phone or in-person with Joel and Kathy! Includes a 50% discount on a future 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive!   If you need to divide this marriage investment into 2 or 3 payments, please ask.

Your One Year Journey to Outrageously Happy!
($13,750+ value)

Your Marriage Rocket Launch is a full one year program that combines everything that you will need to go from Misery to Outrageously Happy - with a Marriage Miracle that LASTS! (All of this can be accessed ala carte over a year for $13,665. Your all-inclusive offer represents a savings of $5700)

What you'll get:
• Paperback and audio of both books - these are the books that have transformed marriages all over the world!(Total of 635 paperback pages, 11 Audio CD's or Online Audio Access.)  $130 Value

• 12 hours and 26 hours of teaching for immediate immersion. (Physical DVD's or online access.)  $885 Value

• 40 hours** of FRESH, LIVE, Interactive Zoom Teaching and Training with Joel and Kathy over the next year. $2000 value

• Access to 12 hours per week of group phone mentoring per week. (This is 8+ hours per week for couples and 4+ hours per week for husbands. 600 hours in a year) $3540 Value

• 20 hours of private "on the spot as needed" emergency (or non-emergency) time with Joel and Kathy; on the phone or in-person, spread out over the year. The available 12 hours per week of group phone mentoring is your "go to" for the entire year - but sometimes you need emergency, personal help. You will have our personal emergency phone numbers. (Direct to Joel and Kathy) $6000 Value

• Half-price entrance to a future 5-day Weekend Marriage Intensive*  $995 Value

• Half-price Lodging for your 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive! $200+ Value

• All of this purchased seperately would be $13,665+  Yes, you are able to access everything offered "ala carte" but why do that when you can have it all for one low all-inclusive price of $7995

Either way that you decide to proceed, our goal is the same - to get YOU to an OUTRAGEOUSLY HAPPY MARRIAGE!  Would you prefer All Inclusive? (highly recommended) or ala carte? It is up to you.

However you decide to proceed, we will be here to guide you all the way: From Misery to an Outrageously Happy Marriage!

*Regardless of the then-current price to attend a live and in person, 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive in beautiful Palm Coast, Florida, you will receive a 50% discount. 

**Life happens: If Joel and Kathy, do not personally conduct 40 hours of fresh, live, interactive zoom training during your year, you will be included in our live Zoom trainings until you have completed 40 hours. These Live Zoom Trainings will be limited to 20 interactive participants at any given time. (Plus coaches in training)