This is a miracle.

Overall, this is a miracle. There is not one shred of doubt in my mind. I have seen God in one moment turn him around so dramatically I can hardly grasp it. He was not even like this while we courted. God has me in complete awe. It is a wonder to me why God would be so good to me. I certainly think He will definitely in this case get all the glory.

This was a quote on Pure In Heart’s Thread. I have to ditto everything she just said. I have a new man! and I, too , am at awe.

I remember Kathy telling us at the Intensive, a year ago, that I will have the pleasure of falling in love all over again. I thought about that alot, over the past few months, and would say, “HA, it AINT happenin” and then I’d cry to God and ask him why………. when all along, all I really needed to do is to trust him. HE knew what he was doing. HE was not only working on Rick/Bob/Bruce. He was working on Me. He was building my faith up, all for his Glory. He needed me to be stronger. He needed me to trust in him, and to grow in my faith.

God knew that I was finally ready, and so he brought the two of us back together again. We are both renewed, rewired, reborn again…… We are two different people. I am happier than I have been in such a long time, and that in itself is pleasing to Bruce, too. He loves to see me happy. He loves to do things for me.

And, even our earlier, frustrating, issues ( in the bedroom ) are getting better. I am feeling loved. He is meeting my emotional needs. He is loving me like I have always wanted to be loved.

I feel so blessed. God is so awesome! Joel and Kathy are saving Marriages all around the World, and we are an example of what can be done! Praise the Lord!

God Bless,